My Art Sites~

First off, I'm really not used to making web pages without images to use as my layout, but I guess there's always a first for everything!

Anyway, I couldn't think of a topic to make this project web page about, so I picked art. I am a member from an art community website from deviantART. I have my own gallery there by the username Kunou, so my page there is at Most people think I love drawing and coloring/painting but that is not true. I just like to be creative and show to myself that I can do some things if I set my mind into. However, because of that, I'm still not a great artist. I'm what you would say "so-so". Perhaps in the future I'll really get into art so I can be considered a good artist. ^__^

On the right I put a navigator with a web page I have from, two web sites I own (though one of them expired but I'll be buying the domain again but from another host) and three of the web sites I visit the most.


Art Sites
deviantART Page (N/A yet)

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